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Top pairings

5 great matches for IPA

Of course it depends what type of IPA you're talking about. A relatively light style will lead you in a different direction from a huge, hoppy double IPA, but these I think would be my top five . . .

1) Curry
Loose term but as a general match for mild-medium hot Indian food I don't think you can beat an IPA. A lighter, more refreshing style though.

2) Beer-can chicken
The spicy rub calls for a bit more ooomph than a straight pale ale. Thornbridge's Raven Black IPA, which I tasted at the Great British Beer Festival last year, would be ace.

3) Pork belly
And other roast pork joints of course. Brilliant with a slightly richer style like Goose Island

4) Chargrilled steaks
Again, particularly suits the richer, American styles like Kernel's. (So do burgers, of course.)

5) Mature cheddar cheese
Sometimes causes problems for red wines but not for strong hoppy IPAs like Hardknott's Queboid. (They're great with proper artisan cheese toasties made with sourdough bread too.)

What are your favourite pairings for IPA?

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Robert on February 20 2017 at 20:23

Carrot cake!

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