Top pairings | 10 top wine matches for a vegetarian (or vegan) Christmas

Top pairings

10 top wine matches for a vegetarian (or vegan) Christmas

It’s a sign of the times that when I first wrote this post 10 years ago I said “Vegetarians often get overlooked at this time of year” That’s obviously no longer the case but veggie - and vegan - options are now so numerous and so diverse it can be tricky to work out which wine would work best with them.

Here are some options that might inspire you

Felicity Cloake’s Vegetarian Wellington

The centre of this recipe is a glazed butternut squash surrounded by a mushroom-type stuffing. I’d probably go for a fruity pinot noir from, say, Chile or New Zealand’s Central Otago or a full-bodied chardonnay.

Thomasina Miers baked cauliflower with roast almond and prune mole

Mexican mole is dark and spicy so even though cauliflower is quite a mild-tasting vegetable this is a powerfully flavoured dish with which I’d probably drink a grenache or garnacha or a grenache/syrah/mourvedre (GSM) blend.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s Vegan Tart

There's not much in the title to tell you what’s in it but the flavours are quite simple and creamy, designed to fit in, I think, with Christmas sides like the chestnut and prune stuffing for which he also gives a recipe. On its own it’s the sort of dish I’d serve with a Chablis or a chenin blanc with the stuffing a rioja or a Côtes du Rhône.

Diana Henry’s Pumpkin, Chestnut and Stilton tart

You’ll have to get behind the paywall to access this but I think you’re allowed 3 free visits a month. (I’m not a Telegraph reader but I DO love Diana’s recipes). On its own I’d probably go for a rich chardonnay or a rich southern Rhône red like a Vacqueyras or Séguret - probably the latter if you make her potatoes with smoked butter and mushrooms on the side. A southern Italian red like a nero d'avola would also be good.

Melissa Clark’s Wild Rice and Mushroom Casserole

I’m thinking pinot noir with this or a barolo if you feel like pushing the boat out. Again behind a paywall but it's worth paying for the New York Times excellent food content.

Anna Jones celebration celeriac and sweet garlic pie

Anna Jones says of this pie, which you’ll also find in her ‘Modern Cooks’ Year’ “It’s everything I want in a pie: a cheddar and winter herb flaky pastry; a creamy filling, sweet with balsamic garlic and roasted celeriac; and a crisp, grated celeriac roof.” I

’m actually thinking of a good artisan cider with this but a merlot would be delicious too.

Sophie Godwin’s vegan Christmas wreath

A light, pretty centrepiece for the Christmas table that includes pops of cranberry and sour cherries as well as spinach and tofu. I’d probably go for a gamay but you could drink an Italian white like a gavi too.

Meera Sodha’s Sprout Nasi Goreng

This is the perfect recipe for after Christmas when you’re taste buds are feeling a bit jaded and you’re craving spicy food. It comes from Meera Sodha’s brilliant book East. With chillies, garlic and sesame it definitely needs an aromatic white like an Australian riesling

and two veggie stalwarts ...

Nut roast
You probably already have your favourite nut roast recipe and I’ve already posted some suggestions for wine pairings but if you’re making it for the first time you might want to trawl through these 10 nut roast recipes that won’t let you down from last year’s Guardian

The trimmings without the turkey
Personally I tend to head for the southern Rhône with my Christmas dinner and would whether it was veggie or not. You need a big rich exuberant red so shiraz would also work well as would a malbec.

Top photo of a roast cauliflower is by Magdanatka at though not of the recipes in the post

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