Match of the week | Tortilla chips, salsa fresca and a virgin mojito

Match of the week

Tortilla chips, salsa fresca and a virgin mojito

My first meal of the new year was a Mexican which might sound unusual in London but not much is open on New Year’s Day. We went to Wahaca which has a number of restaurants around the capital with some good non-alcoholic drinks options.

I ordered a virgin mojito which hit the spot perfectly with a bowl of tortilla chips and salsa though - tch, tch Wahaca - the salsa didn't taste quite as 'freshly made' as the menu claims - at least the previous day, I’m guessing, given that New Year’s Day is a public holiday. It also paired well with the fish taco I ordered though less well with my daughter’s burrito. A light drink like this needs bright flavours.

I’m assuming it was made roughly like this recipe in the Difford’s Guide. Anyway it was super-refreshing and proves yet again that soft drinks can be just as interesting a pairing for food as alcoholic ones*.

*There’s obviously an appetite for them. There's a whole Pinterest board devoted to them and very pretty they look too!

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Fiona Beckett on April 4 2017 at 23:04

Not in this instance. It's the name of a restaurant chain in the UK!

Bets on April 4 2017 at 21:48

You mean Oaxaca?

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