Match of the week | Pecan pie and Kingston Black apple aperitif

Match of the week

Pecan pie and Kingston Black apple aperitif

I know Thanksgiving has past but I came across such a good pairing for pecan pie at a friend's* house the other day I had to tell you about it. Her pie by the way was quite distinctive with a thin layer of soft caramel in the centre (and, obviously, crisp pecans on the top).

With it we drank a small glass of Kingston Black cider apple aperitif from the Somerset Cider Brandy Company which also makes, as the name suggests, a fine English version of Calvados. Calvados can be quite fiery but this aperitif, which is only 18% ABV is much softer and sweeter but still with that distinctive cider apple kick. If you can’t get your hands on a bottle you could probably find the French Pommeau.

You could drink it equally successfully with a walnut tart or with a cheese plate of farmhouse cheddar, a crisp, flavoursome apple such as a Cox’s Orange Pippin and a few walnuts - a very nice way to end a meal.

The friend, btw, was fellow food writer Andrea Leeman whose lovely books A Taste of Somerset and A Taste of Devon are published by Redcliffe Press.

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