Match of the week | Miso-marinated pork belly and Karasi Sour cocktail

Match of the week

Miso-marinated pork belly and Karasi Sour cocktail

Sometimes I wonder what pork belly doesn’t pair with. It seems to be delicious with so many drinks but even so It’s always intriguing to find a new match.

This was at a brilliant event called Street Food Jam at the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival which I was lucky enough to attend last weekend where eight bars paired a dish with a matching cocktail.

They were all pretty impressive but this Japanese-inspired pairing which came from the team at Zuma was spot on. The pork was quite simply prepared, marinated with miso and grilled over charcoal and was perfectly offset by the citrussy sour which contained Bulleit bourbon, karasi* syrup, honey, yuzu, egg white and mirin - in other words a sour with a Japanese twist.

We also really liked an unusual panna cotta made from barley, gingko and yuba milk from Jerry Maguire which was paired with a highly complicated but wickedly creamy, gingery concoction of purple sweet potato, crème brûlée, ron zacapa 23, Canton ginger liqueur, ginger peel, lemon juice, egg white and osmanthus (peach flavoured flower) syrup. Maybe not one to try at home ...

Incidentally Zuma is launching what must be one of the world’s most lavish brunches in collaboration with Louis Roederer this weekend: a Cristal brunch for 1888HK$ (or £199/$243). For that you get ‘freeflow’ (i.e. unlimited) Cristal 2009, beluga caviar, lobster, Wagyu beef and white chocolate with alba truffle. Eye-wateringly expensive but a bottle of Cristal on its own could apparently cost you that in Hong Kong. (They do a more modestly priced brunch with Louis Roederer Premier Brut at HK$650 for those of you who whose wallets don't quite stretch to Cristal!)

There are other events in Hong Kong all the rest of this month. Check out the Great November Feast if you're visiting.

* Karasi is actually a Turkish red wine but I’m wondering whether that's what they used. Seems unlikely in Hong Kong but you never know. I’ll tell you when I find out!

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I travelled to Hong Kong as a guest of the Hong Kong Tourist Board.

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