Match of the week | Maple syrup square with Neige Noir Ambré

Match of the week

Maple syrup square with Neige Noir Ambré

I’ve experienced so many terrific wine - and other drink - pairings during the past week in Canada that I think I’m going to have to devote several posts to them, not just this one. And the best - well, I’m struggling but I think it’s got to be this match which was suggested by the sommelier at Le Filet in Montreal - which is a bit ironic as their big thing is fish.

Anyway it’s a decadently fudgy (but not too sweet) maple syrup square with whipped cream and pecans which apparently they can’t take off the menu. They match it with a well chilled glass of Neige Noir Ambré a gorgeous rich apple-based digestif that almost tastes like maple syrup itself but weaves in caramelised apple, orange peel and spice. Surprisingly it’s only 18% like a pommeau - it tastes more powerful and intense than that but without dominating the dessert.

Incidentally they also have an absolute dream of a wine list majoring in Burgundy. And other dishes I tried were just stunning - but more of them anon. (Indulge me. I’m just back after a flight on the red-eye!)

I ate at Le Filet as a guest of the restaurant.

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Pam on February 12 2018 at 17:04

Mmm! Sounds yummy, on my list to try now!

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