Match of the week | Krug Grande Cuvée and brioche

Match of the week

Krug Grande Cuvée and brioche

It’s not every week you spend the best part of the day drinking Krug (on and off) so what else could I choose as this week’s match of the week?

For the most part the pairings were predictable - luxury ingredients such as caviar, truffles, lobster (very, very good with Krug rosé) and rather too much foie gras* - but the ones that intrigued me were the less obvious ones.

Barbecue for a start - a preview of the Krug festival** at the end of July - and it actually goes surprisingly well with grilled lamb chops and corn but the top match for me were the slices of brioche we were served when we were tasting Krug Grande Cuvée earlier in the day which offset its richness perfectly without drawing attention to itself. SO much more interesting than a water biscuit ...

It made me think how sublime it would be to crack open a bottle of Krug over breakfast with a freshly baked brioche loaf some good butter and maybe a smear of home-made apricot jam. And/or a fresh peach. Gotta be tried.

* Yes I know I took a decision a while ago not to eat it but it was almost forced upon me and I wanted to see how it would match. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t hold the lure it once did. A bit like when you stop taking sugar in your coffee, then accidentally sip some with sugar in and find it cloyingly sweet. Foie gras just seems really fatty to me. Even with Krug.

** The festival takes place at The Grange in Hampshire … There is live music, there is food (top Argentinian chef Francis Mallmann is in the kitchen) and there is (obviously) Krug. Tickets are *cough* £395 a head (or £750 for two). But they do lay on a bus to take you home. Probably prostrate.

I travelled to and stayed in Reims as a guest of Krug.

Photo © Sokarys

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