Match of the week | Chicken liver paté and cherry beer

Match of the week

Chicken liver paté and cherry beer

I often feel I don’t get - or make - enough opportunities to try beer with food so was especially pleased to be invited to a Dea Latis beer dinner at The Albion in Bristol last week

Dea Latis is a group which was set up to encourage women to drink beer (not much persuasion needed in my case) and invites along women who work in the beer industry or, in my case, write about it.

We had a five course meal with matching beers the highlight of which for me was a rich, soft chicken liver paté with Liefman’s Kriek Brut, a more intense version of their widely available Fruitesse.

According to the Liefman's website it’s based on an Old Bruin beer blended with a pale beer, aged on cherries then aged for 18 months and has a gloriously rich, slightly tart cherry flavour. You can buy it for £3 a bottle from Prestige Drinks in the UK

Although I’ve paired kriek with cheese (especially brie) and desserts like chocolate roulade very successfully before I was surprised just how brilliantly well it went with the paté - possibly because it was served with a slightly sweet tomato chutney. It would be good I suspect with a game paté too.

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