Entertaining | What's the best temperature to store and serve wine? (Sponsored)


What's the best temperature to store and serve wine? (Sponsored)

I will let you in on a little secret….. Most of us store our wines incorrectly. That little wire rack under the stairs next to the boiler? The rack in the kitchen next to the oven? The shed in the back garden?

All of the above cause more harm than good to your wines. So, without asking you to toddle off to the country, buy a big piece of land, dig down around 30 foot, line with insulation and cover with dirt to create the right conditions, invest in a wine cabinet.

There are many manufacturers of wine ‘chillers’ or ‘coolers’ on the market but most of these are purely temperature driven. For the correct storage of wines you require a constant temperature, humidity of ideally 60-70%, no UV light, and minimum vibrations. Wine Coolers provide only the temperature element.

Wine Cabinets, such as those made by the inventor of the wine cabinet EuroCave, combine all the critical elements into one smart, and efficient tool. EuroCave first started manufacturing these units in 1976 in a small town in Northern France. Now selling in around 80 countries and helping people store over 30 million bottles worldwide they are seen as the industry leaders. Making all shapes and sizes, EuroCave have products to suit all your needs. From simple storage units to go in the garage to beautifully lit cabinets pieces to proudly show off your prized wines.

Not only do we store our wines incorrectly, but we also tend to consume them at incorrect temperatures. As with the above wine cabinets, wines require a stable environment and temperature of 12-14 degrees to mature. But when it comes to drinking, many different temperatures are appropriate.

Champagne for example is best served around 6°C, as are aromatic white varieties such as Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Chardonnay, depending from where in the world it’s from, prefers to be drunk slightly warmer at around 9 or 10°C. Pinot Noir and Gamay are varietals that benefit from being slightly chilled, especially in the summer, and could be consumed around 13 or 14°C. And the more full-bodied wines of Bordeaux and New World reds at best at 17° and 19° respectively.

There are Wine Cabinets that offer this functionality. They should be used in conjunction with a storage cabinet as wines should not be stored at their drinking temperatures for very long. The idea being that you hold all your wines in the storage cabinet at 13 degrees for example, and then transfer that you intend to drink over the next month to your serving cabinet.

In short storing and serving your wines at the right temperature can really enhance their flavour and the pleasure you get from drinking them. And when paired with the correct foods, well….. they’re simply superb!

This post was sponsored by Eurocave.

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