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Anyone who doubts the value of being on Twitter - as I do myself from time to time - should factor in the bonus of having access to insider knowledge.

I freely admit I wouldn’t have known about Yonder were it not for an enthusiastic tweet from beer writer Melissa Cole and given it turned out to be a Somerset brewery and it was a gose she was talking about, I had to try it.

Goses are basically sour wheat beers flavoured with salt and sometimes with fruit - in this instance raspberry. They’re therefore quite sharp though in this case offset by a deliciously fresh raspberry fruitiness. The baby pink colour is a bit deceptive - this is a very dry drink.

What intrigues me in the crossover between this style of beer and natural wine. If you like a pet nat you will almost certainly like this beer. At just 4% ABV I'm hard pushed to think of a better thing to drink on the hot sunny afternoons we’re having at the moment.

I’d love it with a salad of fresh curd cheese, asparagus and broad beans too.

You can normally buy it direct from the brewery for £5 a 440ml can though it’s currently sold out or by the 5 litre mini keg for £27.50 Delivery is £6.50 or free for orders over £50 (or over £20 if you live in BS or BA Bristol postcodes).

Other stockists also seem to be sold out of the cans which goes to show it's not just Melissa and I who are taken with it. At the time of writing Beercraft of Bath has it for £6.25

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