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Graham’s Blend No 5 White Port

I must confess I’ve picked my drink of the week this week as much for its looks as its taste - though I like that too. It’s the first serious attempt I’ve seen to make port as appealing to the younger consumer as gin

As you can see the bottle is exceptionally pretty - scattered with images of fruit and herbs. It’s sweeter and more floral than most white ports and not as oxidised as the traditional style. I doubt if it’s seen any oak.

The serving suggestion is tonic but I found it a little sweet with a standard Indian tonic water and at the strength I would normally serve a P & T (50/50) I’d go for a slimline tonic and maybe up the proportion of tonic slightly.

At £21.25 (at Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange*) it's gin price too which is clever. It would be a great bottle to take to your weekend host as a gift.

If you're already a white port drinker and/or want a cheaper option, larger branches of the Co-op are stocking the Sandeman’s white port - also rather smartly packaged - for just £10.

* and slightly more in indies like Taurus £24.99

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