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Food finds: Vivo bakery and café, Islington

One of the advantages of a blog as I pointed out the other day is that you can have a quick rave about a place or dish you stumble across without it taking several hours to research and write up.

And this new Islington café and bakery, Vivo, which I discovered thanks to my mate Thane, is a place that you should definitely try if you’re anywhere near the Angel end of Upper Street.

It’s a really cool modern room with a long table down the centre - a bit like a posh Pain Quotidien. On the counter there are delicious sandwiches and salads to take away but EVEN BETTER - and I speak as someone who doesn’t get over-excited about sweet things - the most amazing Sicilian-style pastries including this vanilla bombe (think that’s the right spelling. I Googled it but it thought I meant bomb and just came up with loads of stuff about the mafia).

It’s filled with a sort of crème patissière with a touch of almond in a bready kind of bun - not too sweet, not synthetically vanilla-y. The kind of thing Starbucks would make an absolute hash of - and probably charge a lot more for. Thane and I spent £7.20 on two Americanos and two bombes (bombi?) which I reckon is a bargain.

Also in Islington (lucky Thane) is the brilliant new Turner & George butcher which is a Proper Butcher with loads of meat in the window and sawdust on the floor and interesting cuts like Flatiron steak aged for at least 28 days. And some wicked venison sausages which I’ll report on once I’ve cooked them. Oh, and I’ve persuaded them to come up with our next prize which will go live next week so WATCH THIS SPACE. Well, not this space but our competition page.

(Speaking of which have you gone in for our Rioja comp yet? It ends tomorrow).


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